Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Desk Keeps Moving Along

Greetings. The big statement desk has been moving right along the past couple of weeks. In the last post I ended by showing some of the parts of the web frames that make up the main desk pieces. Since then, the frames and panels have been assembled and prefinished ...

... and the cabinet carcasses have been glued up, finished, the drawers installed, and the drawer fronts fitted. Below you can see the various - the glued up parts are dry assembled to assure proper sizes and fit (you can see how the prefinished panels are taped off to protect them as the frames are finished); middle - the glue-up of the finished pieces; bottom - the unfinished drawer fronts test fitted to check size and alignment.

Another unique feature of this desk's design is that the desktop slab will be floating about the storage cabinets. On one side the top will float on two wooden disks made from the ends of veneer logs. To make the disks, a two foot round was first squared off. Next, because the round was unevenly shaped, I made a plywood sled to help feed it through the band saw safely. Then the disks were sliced sequentially by mounting the round to the sled.

Now its time to complete the finishing, and put it all together. Stay tuned!